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10 Best Offensive Seasons By A Center Fielder

Some of the games most legendary figures have roamed center field for some of the most iconic teams. Mantle and DiMaggio in Yankee Stadium. Ty Cobb in Bennett Park and Navin Field later named Tiger Stadium. Willie Mays in the Polo Grounds. Duke Snider in Ebbets Field. And the list goes on. These men have led us to today’s center fielders like George Springer, Charlie Blackmon, and of course, Mike Trout. Both groups of men are forces with the bat but they are also manning center because they know how to get it done with the glove. This position much like it’s infield counterpart shortstop is evolving into a position where a big stick, as well as a quality glove, is preferred to defense first players.

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  1. Willie Mays only deserves one season on your list as what — the #11 all time best offensive season? And why 1958? He had a higher (and league leading) OPS+ in five other seasons. In two of those five he was the MVP, hitting 51 and 52 homers. In 1958 he had his second highest number of plate appearances but hit only 29 homers.


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