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1990s All-Decade Team

The 1990s may be remembered as much for the players strike in August of 1994 as for the PED-fueled home run chase in 1998 that brought the game back into the national spotlight. It was, however, a decade filled with players reaching some of the most respected individual statistical milestones. The 300-win club welcomed all-time strikeout king and hall of famer to be Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens joined the 3,000 strikeout club when he fanned Randy Winn on July 5, 1998. As with much of the decade, even the milestones were dominated by the hitters. Of the 30 players in the 3,000 hit club seven joined during the 1990s. Robin Yount and George Brett reached the milestone in September of 1992. A year later in September of 1993 Dave Winfield collected number 3,000. 1995 saw Eddie Murray join and in 1996 Paul Molitor became the first player who’s 3,000 hit was a triple. Then on back to back days in August of 1999 Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs were welcomed to the elite club with Boggs becoming the first player to collect number 3,000 on a home run. The decade started with Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones being selected as the number one overall pick in the June 1990 draft. Phil Nevin (1992), Alex Rodriguez (1993), Darin Erstad (1995), Pat Burrell (1998), and Josh Hamilton (1999) are the other position players taken number one overall during the decade making it one of the best classes of number one overall picks and a sign for things to come.

There were definitely some significant bumps during the decade but the game has ultimately come out on top. Below is our list of best players during the decade by position.


  1. C Mike Piazza, Ivan Rodriguez Benito Santiago
    1B Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, Mark McGuire, Rafael Palmeiro, Fred McGriff, Andres Gallarago
    2B Roberto Alomar, Craig Biggio
    3B Matt Williams, Robin Ventura
    SS Barry Larkin, Jay Bell
    LF Barry Bonds, Albert Belle
    CF Ken Griffey Jr, Steve Finley, Kenny Loften
    RF Juan Gonzales, Gary Sheffield

    DH Edgar Martinez

    SP Greg Maddux
    SP Roger Clemens
    SP Tom Glavine
    SP John Smoltz
    SP Kevin Brown
    SP David Cone

    RP Dennis Eckersley
    RP John Franco
    RP Randy Myers
    RP John Wetteland
    RP Doug Jones


  2. No Mike Mussina and his 136 wins during the decade?

    Tom Glavine? John Smoltz? Please any of these guys are better than Jose Vidro. Give me a break!

    And really? Bobby Bonilla gets honorable mention at 3B over the 6-time gold glove winner Robin Ventura? Bonilla wasn’t even a full time 3B.

    And no love for Pudge Rodriguez?

    This list needs to be revised.


  3. All time 90’s Team

    2B Roberto Alomar
    SS Barry Larkin
    RF Tony Gwynn
    LF Barry Bonds
    CF Ken Griffey Jr.
    1B Frank Thomas
    DH Albert Belle
    C Mike Piazza
    3B Wade Boggs

    P Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens & Randy Johnson

    Since Arod, & Jeter really began in 96, Barry Larkin takes it for the whole decade. Since Chipper started in 95, Boggs did enough playing every year of the 90’s with 7 AS, 2 GG and 3 SS in the decade. Your dilemma is not having the best pure hitter in the era not having Tony Gwynn on your list. Belle who played LF would be my DH, kicking Edgar M out.

    Oh and nobody beats this team, NOBODY., they had to deal with specialty relief pitching, something that the earlier eras didn’t have to deal with. Your not getting anything theough the infield with Alomar and Larkin.


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