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1960s All-Decade Team

Major League Baseball during the 1960s was all about expanding the game. In 1960 there were 16 teams by 1969 there were 24. Each league was also split into two divisions, east and west, and the League Championship Series (LCS) was added in 1969. The outfield was chalk full of Hall of Famers and then there was 1968. The decade also is home to Bill Mazeroski walk-off World Series homer and of course Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle‘s pursuit of Babe Ruth‘s single season home run record.

The list of players who reached statistical milestones during the 1960s is much shorter than other decades but it reads like a who’s who of Baseball lore. Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Eddie Mathews, and Hank Aaron all joined the 500 home run club expanding it from three to eight and Early Wynn and Warren Sphan both collected their 300th win.


  1. The fact that Hank Aaron is not starting in the outfield is an abomination. Debating Aaron vs. Mantle over their entire careers? Cool. However, there is no debate regarding who the better player was during the 1960’s.


  2. No disrespect intended but, the 1960’s team is all wrong.

    C Bill Freehan, Joe Torre
    1B Harmon Killebrew, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey
    2B Bill Mazeroski
    3B Ron Santos, Brooks Robinson, Dick Allen
    SS Maury Wills, Jim Fregosi, Luis Aparicio
    LF Billy Williams, Lou Brock, Carl Yastrzemski
    CF Willie Mays, Vada Pinson
    RF Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Roberto Clemente

    SP Sandy Koufax
    SP Juan Marichal
    SP Bob Gibson
    SP Don Drysdale
    SP Jim Bunning

    RP Ron Perranoski
    RP Hoyt Wilhelm
    RP Don McMahan


  3. As a Tigers fan born in the ’60s I never appreciated how good Dick McAuliffe really was. Best shortstop of the 1960s? I always thought of him as solid second basement for the ’68 World Champions who had a penchant for not grounding in to double plays.


  4. Jim Fregosi is a better choice at short, especially since he played the position the entire decade, unlike Mac.

    Mantle over Aaron for the 1960s? I think you need to go back and look at the stats for that decade.


  5. You prefer Mickey Mantle’s 42 WAR to Hank Aaron’s 81 WAR? Aaron’s WORST season in the 1960’s was a 6.8 WAR season in 1964.


  6. How is Clemente not even on this list? This list is automatically wrong that Clemente is not even on here. Not to mention mazeroski is the best second basemen in this decade defensively and actually drove in more runs than ANY OTHER second baseman during the 60s. You’re list seems biased against the pirates.


  7. How in the world could you leave Hank Aaron off of your list. It’s hard to take you serious. He hit 375 homers and averaged almost 110 rbis


    • No kidding… Hank hit .308 with 375 HR and 1,107 RBI in the 1960’s. Every one of those numbers was better than all of the OF that were listed on that team. Mickey has no business starting ahead of Hank and his 81 WAR in the decade.


  8. Hmm, now who could have been left off this list?

    How about:

    Someone with more hits in the 1960s than anyone on this ridiculous list – in fact, with more hits than anyone in the entire American League.

    The AL MVP, the All-Star MVP, and the World Series MVP one year later.

    And there was one other thing I’m forgetting.

    Hmm, what was it?

    Oh, right. A Gold Glove every single year.


  9. Good selection but I don’t see Roberto Clemente on this list, was the highest batting average of the 60’s with .329 and had 4 batting titles during that decade. With a legendary throwing arm and also the best right fielder of his time.


  10. I would add Dave McNally (Baltimore Orioles) to the list of pitchers for the 1960s. His career was in the latter half of the decade but was stellar, including great World Series performances in 1966 and 1969, and a top ERA in 1968. His top performances carried over into the 1970s.


  11. All Time 60’s Team
    2B Pete Rose
    RF Roberto Clemente
    CF Willie Mays
    LF Carl Yastrzemski
    DH Frank Robinson
    1B Willie McCovey
    3B Brooks Robinson
    C ????
    SS Luis Aparicio

    P Sandy Koufax, Juan Marichal, Bob Gibson
    note: All these are HoFers, I have Aaron in RF in the 50’s. Brooks Robinson was an AS and a GG every year of the decade. You’re wrong on SS.


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