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1900s All-Decade Team

This is when the modern game, the one we know today consisting of the American and National League was born. It was 1901 when Ban Johnson made the AL a serious competitor of its big brother the NL. They quickly learned that not only was it better to play nice but they found they could thrive. The World Series was initiated and became a hit. With very few exceptions the game was dominated by the men on the mound. Honus Wagner might be the sole hitting star who played for the entire decade. We saw the beginnings of all-time great careers like Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, and Christy Mathewson. This decade is the initial chapter in a story that is still being written.


  1. The 1900s has the best keystone combo with Wagner and LaJoie as obvious choices. This is the greatest decade for pitching; the list goes 20 deep. There’s only one great catcher in this era, Roger Bresnahan is the first great super-sub.

    C Johnny Kling

    1B Harry Davis
    2B Napoleon LaJoie
    3B Bill Bradley. Before his back injury.
    SS Honus Wagner

    LF Jimmy Sheckard
    CF Roy Thomas
    RF Sam Crawford

    SP Christy Mathewson
    SP Cy Young
    SP Addie Joss
    SP Doc White
    SP Mordecai Brown
    SP Eddie Plank

    RP Doc Crandell


  2. Cy Seymour should be in CF – .311, 43 HR, 685 RBI, 197 SB, 127 OPS+, and 31.8 WAR in the decade…and a batting title; Thomas’ numbers are inflated by a single stat (BB).


    • On most days, I agree with you. Cy Seymour was a great player. He started out as a pitcher and became the best offensive CF of the decade. His 1905 season was exceptional.

      OF was a hard decision. On any given day, I go back and forth on Cy Seymour, Ginger Beaumont, Fielder Jones and Roy Thomas in CF. On this day, I chose Thomas for his superior defense. However, any of these are just as good choices. I go back and forth in LF too. I considered Fred Clarke, Sherry Magee and Jimmy Sheckard. Sheckard was one of the greatest leadoff hitters and also a great defensive LF. Moreover, I just like him. In RF, I looked at Elmer Flick, Willie Keeler and Socks Seybold. Sam Crawford was known as a RF but, he was the regular CF during all three of Detroit’s World Series appearance. He needs to be on this team.

      In truth, most days I have LF Fred Clarke, CF Cy Seymour and RF Sam Crawford on the all-decade team.

      There were a few players such as George Stone, Mike Donlin and Jimmy Barrett who had 2-3 great seasons but, short careers to add to the greatest decade team.


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