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The 20 Greatest Detroit Tigers of All-Time

The Detroit Tigers franchise has existed since 1901. For the entirety of their existence, they have played in the American League and been known as the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers franchise has won four World Series titles (1984, 1968, 1945, 1935) and over 9,000 games. Eligibility for position players requires 1,500 plate appearances, starting pitchers require 100 games started, and

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100 Greatest Second Baseman of All-Time

The gold standard of second baseman is Rogers Hornsby. Sure Nap Lajoie and Eddie Collins provided offense from the second base position prior to Hornsby’s arrival but their offensive production, as does every other second baseman since Hornsby, pales in comparison. It wasn’t until Joe Morgan joined the Big Red Machine that another second baseman made a similar offensive impact

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