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The 20 Greatest Philadelphia Phillies of All-Time

The Philadelphia Phillies franchise has existed since 1883. For the entirety of their existence, they have played in the National League. Since 1890 they have been known exclusively by Philadelphia Athletics (1890 – Present). Since 1901 the Phillies franchise has won two World Series titles (1980 & 2008) and over 8,500 games. Eligibility for position players requires 1,500 plate appearances,

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100 Greatest Baseball Players of All-Time

There have been over 18,000 players since 1901. That means the top 100 players are the top 0.5%. How we play baseball has evolved over time. The fundamentals, however, remain mostly unchanged. I may prefer Willie Mays over Ty Cobb. You prefer Frank Robinson over Hank Aaron. Maybe you like Clemens over Walter Johnson. Making a list like this incredibly

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Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Roster

This is the Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster. I decided to select two players for each infield position, six outfielders (regardless of specific position), and one designated hitter for each AL team. Hitters had to have a minimum of 1,500 plate appearance. For pitching, we selected seven starting pitchers, three non-closers, and two closers. Starting pitchers had to start at least

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1970s All-Decade Team

Major League Baseball during the 1970s usually brings a few things to mind: The Big Red Machine, Charley Finley’s Oakland A’s and those uniforms, Earl Weaver and the Baltimore Orioles, and the beginning of free agency. The 70s was the last decade in which baseball ruled the American sports landscape. Some of the greatest careers in the game’s history ended

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