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The 20 Greatest Philadelphia Phillies of All-Time

The Philadelphia Phillies franchise has existed since 1883. For the entirety of their existence, they have played in the National League. Since 1890 they have been known exclusively by Philadelphia Athletics (1890 – Present). Since 1901 the Phillies franchise has won two World Series titles (1980 & 2008) and over 8,500 games. Eligibility for position players requires 1,500 plate appearances,

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100 Greatest Left Fielders of All-Time

A couple of the most beloved players in history played left field; Stan Musial and Carl Yastrzemski. Alongside these beloved players are a couple of the most polarizing players in history; Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez. Throw in the player some dub the greatest hitter to ever live, Ted Williams, and the undisputed greatest leadoff hitter of all-time, Rickey Henderson

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