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Category: Articles

Here you will find essay-style articles about a variety of topics relating to Major League Baseball and current and former Major League Baseball players.

Sabermetrics 101: wOBA

We all know and agree not all hits are created equal. We can take this a step further and agree not all ways of getting on base are created equal. […]

Sabermetrics 101: RE24

RE24 stands for run expectancy based on 24 base outs. While it may not roll off the tongue it is a very useful stat. Lets dissect the stat so we […]

The National League Will Adopt The DH

I recently read in the “Fans Speak Out” section of a prominent baseball publication a fan attempting to assert that David Ortiz does not belong in the Hall of Fame […]

The Most Important Stat In Baseball

Numbers tell stories. In baseball, numbers can tell us lots of different stories. Like any story, you need to know and understand the setting. Having all the sabermetrics is meaningless […]