Best Offensive Seasons

10 Best Offensive Seasons By A Right Fielder

From the beginning, offensive juggernauts have manned right field. Players like Hall of Famer’s Willie Keeler, Elmer Flick, Sam Crawford, Sam Thompson, King Kelly and even Ty Cobb and Shoeless Joe Jackson roamed right. These baseball forefather’s lead to more hitting legends earning their defensive keep in right. Players like Harry Heilmann, Kiki Cuyler, Mel Ott, Chuck Klein, Al Kaline, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Reggie Jackson, Sammy Sosa, Vladimir Guererro, Ichiro Suzuki, Giancarlo Stanton, and Bryce Harper. But one right fielder stands above all those names. This list is essentially a highlight of his best years. Babe Ruth. He turned right into the go to place for your power hitter.

Honorable Mention

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